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MAR. 10, 2014

La Cruz School and OA

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A few weeks ago I read in La Nacion, a popular newspaper in Costa Rica, about 103 Nicaraguan kids that walk every day almost 5 miles to attend school in Costa Rica. They go to school in Costa Rica even though they live in a different country. It is a normal routine because they don’t have the same understanding of the imaginary line that adults agreed to create and divide both countries. They do not have backpacks; they use plastic bags to carry a few school materials. In the dust or mud, they walk an hour and more in each country, back and forth.

The first day of classes, they sang the national anthems of both countries. Ana Celia Canales, Head of La Cruz School say: “They take History and Geography of Costa Rica and they celebrate mother’s day 2 times a year because it is celebrated in different dates in each country.” Other celebrations can be more complicated. Even with different heroes and stories, the students get along well. The close relationship is not just between students but with the teachers as well.

I shared this information with my Spanish students, and they were very interested in helping the kids that attend the school. George Castillo, a student in Spanish IV, brought the information to the entire community during our community meeting and the students decided to organize themselves and gather materials to help these students. After contacting the Head of La Cruz school, she replied with the following e-mail: “Good morning, Our school is small, we are three teachers that teach basic subjects, one pre-school teacher, one English teacher and one that works with students with learning disabilities. We will benefit from materials like erasers, pencils, scissors, etc. It is difficult for these students to buy them because their parents are subsistence farmers.”

During Thursday’s student meeting, two days before their departure on Spring Break, the students created a list of school materials and every student signed up to bring one or two items with them. They are going to package the materials and mail them to the school in Costa Rica. All of the students are excited about this opportunity to help, and the Spanish students will write letter to start communication with some of the kids.

I am very proud of the students of Semester 38 for having such a compassionate heart and for the skills that they showed organizing themselves to help these students. I hope this is the beginning of a good relationship between La Cruz School and the Outdoor Academy.

Rodrigo Vargas
Spanish Teacher