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SEP. 26, 2014

New Kid on the Block

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Interviews are supposed to make you nervous, especially the ones for jobs you feel were tailored for you. When you throw in a three and a half hour drive through a torrential downpour to a place you have never been, more nerves surface than ever before. As I traversed the stairs that were parading as a waterfall the day I arrived at OA I felt more comfortable than I thought possible, these were people like me. People who love working with kids, people who love being outdoors, and people who welcome you with a hug, not a handshake. I had found what I was searching for.

A wonderful interview, well what I thought was wonderful, was followed by a soggy tour of the grounds and me trying to keep my excitement to a minimum as to not appear too strange. Eventually I got that fateful call inviting me to be a part of the Outdoor Academy team. Wait. Can this be real? The whirlwind began and before I knew it I was moved into a house and was walking into a room filled with other OA employees. Intimidation…is what most people would feel, but no, everyone was beyond friendly and welcoming. How did I get this lucky is all I could keep asking myself.

Coming to a new place, not knowing a single person, and starting a new job can be overwhelming and stressful but I have not yet experienced those feelings. That is what makes OA such a special place, it is filled with genuinely caring, kind, thoughtful people who will do anything they can to help anyone in need and welcome you with open arms.

Cary Crawford
Admissions Counselor