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APR. 10, 2018

OA Students Hammer Out Change in Hendersonville

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As we walked down into the schoolyard, all wearing orange blaze vests, we found ourselves surrounded by a wave of cheering. We were thanked profusely for coming out, celebrated, and even apologized to, because we shouldn’t have needed to be out there in the first place.

On Saturday, March 24, 22 OA students, along with our three Residents, participated in the “March For Our Lives” in Hendersonville, NC. Although the motivation for the march stemmed from frustration and anger about gun violence in our world, the march itself was an exciting and positive experience. The night before we had made signs, with messages such as:

“No More Silence, End Gun Violence”

“Bury Guns, Not Kids”

“Thoughts and Prayers are Not Enough”

We marched from Hendersonville High School to the historic Courthouse on Main Street. When we arrived at the Courthouse we stood on the steps and faced out towards the older generations, chanting with them until our throats were raw.  The event organizer then invited us to an open-mic time at Sanctuary Brewing Company, a gathering space with a stage. She encouraged us to share our thoughts with the crowd of at least one hundred people. Eight OA students accepted the invitation and spoke.

A wide range of topics were discussed, a poem was read, and a couple of songs were sung. The owner of Sanctuary ordered us a bunch of pizzas, which were heartily eaten by the twenty-five of us. After that we bid farewell to our marching companions, completed a few interviews with reporters, and headed home. We returned to our little OA bubble with an incredible new experience in our memories.


-Ruby Gates and Meagan Wick, OA Semester 46 students