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JAN. 26, 2016

Semester 42 Comes Out Swinging

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Arrington McCoy, Dean of Students

Semester 42 students began their time at The Outdoor Academy with a three-day trek that featured evening temperatures in the single digits. Just days after returning from their bone chilling backpacking trip, a big snowstorm left campus blanketed in white. Needless to say, it’s been an eventful start to the semester.

The four cornerstones of The Outdoor Academy program are: Environment, Intellect, Craft and Community. There’s nothing quite like adversity to showcase that each of these areas are relevant and necessary. Semester 42 students, while fresh to this experience, are already proving to be exemplars of these core values that weave into all that we do at The Outdoor Academy.

Ted, who has been teaching at The Outdoor Academy since it was founded, mentioned last week that this already feels like a very successful semester. His barometer, honed over 41 prior semesters, is student volunteerism, and this group has that quality in spades. As the winter weather approached, we stacked giant piles of wood for our wood stoves, we filled auxiliary water tanks in case the power went out rendering our electric pump useless, and we stockpiled our pantry. And each time one of these additional chores cropped up, hands went up to volunteer to help faster than the blink of an eye.

The beauty of working at a place like The Outdoor Academy is that you get to surround yourself with students who want to be at your school, in spite of–or perhaps more accurately because of–all that they give up by choosing to be part of this program. Students who come to The Outdoor Academy give up their phones, computers, Internet connection and canned music. They give up personal space and agree to live in a cabin with up to ten other people. They give up free reign over the refrigerator, in favor of family style meals. They give up candy. They give up late nights. And somehow, at the tender age of 15 or 16, they already know that what they will gain from giving up these luxuries is sweeter than the luxuries themselves.


This snowy weekend was a taste of all that is gained by coming to The Outdoor Academy. Students spent the weekend playing games in the snow and sipping tea around the wood stove. When they wanted music, they pulled out their guitars and sang some songs. They ate delicious homemade bread and thick chili family style in the Dining Hall. Most of all, they had space and time and opportunity in this slower, quieter life to start to truly get to know one another. The friendships that they will forge this semester will become the heartbeat of their experience here.

Roger, our Director, keeps reminding students that this experience is ephemeral. In a few short months, we’ll be doing cannonballs into the lake that is now iced over. And the bonds and memories will be deeper and dearer still, which is why on this cold January evening, I am grateful that we are just one week in with this fantastic group of people. The future of Semester 42 feels bright indeed.

Arrington McCoy, Dean of Students