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JAN. 29, 2014

Snow Day!

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Snow often means a day off, a day inside, a day to drink hot cocoa and finish a good book. However, in English class yesterday, we headed out in our hats, gloves, and puffy jackets in response to the following lines from Scott Russell Sanders’ “Body Bright:”

“Buildings may be comfortable, but they are never mysterious; they speak of no power, no intelligence, no imagination aside from our own… No one who has been thoroughly awake to the real universe would swap it for a ‘virtual’ one… Only direct experience with the Creation will do. The likeliest way to achieve contact with the life of the cosmos, the likeliest way to recover our senses, is by shutting off our machines, closing our books, climbing out of our tunnels, our cars, our electrified boxes, walking beyond the pavement to actual dirt or rock, and opening ourselves to the world we have not made.”

If you are anywhere there is snow, or perhaps just a nearby wood, I hope you are able to find the time to go out and surround yourself with those things we humans have not made, but are yet still a part of— that greater world of nature.

Katie Harris
Dean of Academics and English Teacher

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