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MAR. 28, 2016

Spring has Sprung at OA

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Racheal Duffy, Math Teacher

Spring has come to the mountains.  Peepers are peeping, flowers are blooming, and the students are getting anxious to get back to the woods.  The last few weeks, since we came back from spring break, have held so much promise in the air.  Classes frequently use their outdoor spaces around campus, students can be seen running, walking, and enjoying their Choice period once again in the warmth of the sun.  The timing of the beginning of the season couldn’t be better as we head into, arguably, the best part of the semester.  The magic has begun to happen.

Students battled a bit of weather this past weekend and temperatures struggled to reach the mid 60s but nonetheless, our steadfast semester took the opportunity and ran, or should I say climbed and paddled with it?  This weekend marked the first official Paddle Climb weekend where each student spent their days on the rock and in the river learning how to use their body to work with the natural world in order to explore and learn from it.  It is a precursor to the subsequent Paddle Climb weekend we have later this week where students will spend an entire weekend paddling and another climbing.

We aren’t just getting out on the river and rock but will be exploring our nearby communities.  Our crafts weekend kicks off next weekend with a Contra dance and ends with engaging lessons from local artists in their craft.  Then comes Cataloochee, our Classes in the Field trip.  More to come about that later!  Finally, we’ll wrap up the semester with a student led Trek and Solo.

Spring has sprung and our students are ready for it.  They continue to prepare and grow within themselves an opportunity for magic, hope, and belief in the world around them.

Racheal Duffy, Math Teacher