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MAR. 27, 2013

Student Voices: Trip to Smiley’s Market & The Banff Mountain Film Festival

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By Hannah & Claire, Semester 36

What could be better than spending a Saturday with your hilarious Spanish teacher and eating churros? We recently went with Rodrigo to Smiley’s Flea Market, where we were given ingredients to buy from Hispanic vendors for a traditional Costa Rican dinner.  Spanish students and other language students combined into groups to search for items such as cactus and dried hibiscus flowers.  Once the items were found, we could explore the flea market with twelve dollars to spend on food and clothes, jewelry, etc. It was a beautiful, sunny day, and we all ate at a sweet little taqueria for lunch.  We all found our inner kid when we took a spin on the carousel!  We ate some delicious churros and then headed back to campus.

Then, Rodrigo and some students cooked a delicious Costa Rican dinner for the rest of the community to enjoy.  Afterwards, we headed off for the Banff Mountain Film Festival.  The short films were incredible and showcased many of the adventures we’d like to go on one day.  The festival was amazing, and everyone left gushing about the films.  Plus, two students won door prizes, and OA got a special shoutout!

The weekend was spectacular, and we’re so grateful for all the staff whom without, it would not have been possible. We went to bed on Sunday night, filled with lots of good food and many new memories.