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MAR. 28, 2014

The Importance of Ancestry

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Do you know your ancestry? Ted gave a lesson on the ancestry of the inhabitants of Cataloochee at the Palmer house during our trip this past week. We learned about who built and remodeled the very house we were standing in as well as other buildings and houses in the valley. The students gave skits all throughout the week telling stories of these families that have been passed down from generation to generation. Just as we were packing up and gearing up for the paddling and climbing trips, a truck pulled in to our campsite. It was the grandson of a prominent figure in the early settlement in the valley! A number of faculty and students got to talk with him and share what we teach and learn each semester at Cataloochee. He was pleased to hear the history of his family was appreciated.

This has inspired me to learn more about my family generations before me. I do not know much about my family line. One set of my grandparents are still on this earth, and time is precious. I know they have a wealth of wisdom that I have yet to glean. I regret not asking them for family stories every time I got to visit them when I was younger. Ted ended with a charge to the students to be proactive in discovering more of their family history through their own living family members. I wonder if you will take up that same challenge. Who knows what you will discover?

Jen Hilterman
Math Teacher