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APR. 30, 2013

The Little Things: Eagle’s Nest Foundation Workday

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By Caroline Toy, Assistant Camp Director

At the end of a movie, most people get up, collect their popcorn buckets (because leaving no trace is awesome!), and leave the theater long before the end of the credits. I always sit through them—partly because the number of people it takes to make a movie is unbelievably huge. Behind the actors, directors, camera-people, and composers, there are hundreds of people who drive buses, sew costumes, make coffee, and carry props. And every single one of them is necessary for making that movie.

We see that at camp and OA all the time: we couldn’t get by without the contributions of every single person every day, whether that’s cleaning the bathrooms, washing the dishes, or just bringing a big smile to class. The same is true for all those months before and after camp…and sometimes it literally means washing the dishes, cleaning out the closets, and sweeping the floors. Every task goes into making an epic summer and great OA semesters!

That’s what we were doing here on campus on a recent rainy Friday. Faculty and administrators from across Eagle’s Nest Foundation came together to beautify our campus. Teams cleaned cabins, emptied old storage areas (where we found souvenirs going back to the late 80s!), built shelving, and harvested greens. Those chores translated into great meals the next week, exciting campus tours for new families, and lots of extra space in the Canteen! And who knew cleaning cabins was so much fun?