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OCT. 27, 2014

Trek is in the Air

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We’ve been having perfect fall weather this past week. Blue sky days, crisp air and the occasional breeze that sends down rusty orange leaves. But it is time to leave behind our cozy cabins and delicious oven-cooked meals behind and head up higher into the mountains for nine days of trek.

Trek is an opportunity for all of us to truly live to our schools principles of simple living, self-reliance and work ethic. Our days will revolve around meeting our basic needs of food, water and shelter, as well as walking (lots of walking!). We will have everything we need for our time in the mountains on our backs. And we will see, with more clarity than ever, that each person must truly pull their weight in order for our group to function well.

Trek is also the ultimate teacher. Nature doesn’t nag or coddle. If it rains, the mountains aren’t concerned if you’ve failed to water proof your pack or set up your tarp well. And a star filled night or the pink clouds of a sunrise can inspire thoughts and feelings that you can’t quite access anywhere else.

We’ll look forward to sharing our stories when we return.

Arrington McCoy, Dean of Students