Paige’s April 3 Letter to Camper Families

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Dear Eagle’s Nest Camp Campers and Families –

It’s a beautiful spring day in North Carolina. The chatter of happy birds woke me very early this morning
reminding me of one of my favorite quotes: “Faith is the bird that feels the light before the dawn and
sings” (Rabindranath Tagore).

I have been thinking about each of you so much in the last several weeks. I know that many of you have
also been dreaming of camp as you’ve transitioned to working at home or taking classes virtually.
“Normal” life isn’t very normal right now, and that can be unsettling. And yet, I believe that each of us
can find a little joy in our new routines if we look for it. At Eagle’s Nest we cultivate a community of
gratitude; I encourage you to spend a little time each day thinking about what you’re grateful for. Today
I’m grateful that the view from my home office offers a view of the cardinals that feast at my bird feeder
and that my family and I had lunch together in the backyard.

I’m also extremely grateful for the Eagle’s Nest community. Even when we are separated by great
distances we find ways to connect and support each other. Over the past week or so I’ve connected with
many camp counselors who have been thinking about all of you. They are eager to “bring camp to you”
right now and have ideas for leading lunch time singing, teaching activities, reading stories to you and
bringing some of the joy that we feel on Hart Road to whatever road you’re on. In the coming weeks
we’re hoping to post activities on our website and social media. You can already find a video of Jordy
singing and we just posted a Lodge playlist. I hope that many of your will push back the coffee table, roll
up the rug and dance with abandon with your family this weekend.

If there is anything Eagle’s Nest can do to help or support you now, please let me know. We’re here for
you and would love to connect. Of course, it would bring us great happiness to hear from you too!
Remember – Nest friends are best friends!

With gratitude for you all,
PS – What are you grateful for today? I’d love to hear