Did you know?
Eagle’s Nest Camp was established in 1927 by educators. Today more than a third of our counselors study or work as educators.
Did you know?
Many of our Outdoor Academy students return home after their semester ahead of their peers academically.
Did you know?
Hante has traveled to many places: Australia, New Zealand, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, France, Iceland, Canada, and Ghana.
Did you know?
Our campers enjoy sitting with table families, making bread, and eating veggies fresh from the garden.
Did you know?
Outdoor Academy students spend ¼ of their semester paddling, climbing, and backpacking in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Did you know?
Eagle's Nest is home to several rare plants. We are working with the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy to provide protected space for them.

“Experiential education for young people, promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character.”

L ocated in Western North Carolina our summer camp and academic semester school provide transformative wilderness and cultural adventures. For over 85 years the Foundation has focused on fostering profound individual development, connection to the natural world and responsible action to our local and global communities. Eagle’s Nest Foundation is a non-profit educational organization whose programs are designed for young people ages 6-18.

Cabin postcards

SEP. 28, 2015

Cultivating Lifelong Friendships at Eagle’s Nest Camp

Since camp ended, and I’ve moved back to my winter office in Winston-Salem, I’ve had a chance to “tidy up” my office. In the process, I found a big stack of “Letter’s Home” postcards that my kid’s cabin counselors wrote to me over the years. The cards date back to at least 2008, when Finn […]


OCT. 7, 2015

On The Changing Weather and Adventure

With the weather taking a turn for the cooler and some of the trees starting to show their fall color we didn’t need the first day of fall to tell that the seasons are officially on the move. For all the August days of blistering humid heat the cooler temps should be a relief but […]

Ev Blog

AUG. 28, 2015

Stepping back: An Instructor’s Reflections

As campers arrived one by one at the SeaTac Airport, eyes around me sparkled with anticipation. I could feel excitement streaming all the way to the tips of my fingers and toes.  As I helped campers pull freshly purchased  packs off of carousels, I could feel my body bouncing as I moved. After taking a […]