Centennial Plan, updates and reports

100 Years: 1927 - 2027

Eagle’s Nest Foundation has been guided by its Centennial Plan for the last 10 years. Now, with ENF’s long-time executive director retiring, a new executive director being hired, and its hundredth anniversary approaching, ENF has committed to developing a strategic plan for the period beginning in 2027. In the meantime, a bridge plan, outlined below and based upon the Centennial Plan, will guide the organization’s activities and decision making.


Centennial Priorities 

Bridge Plan 2024-2027

Empowering Our Community of Educators

  • Recruit and Retain Diverse Camp/OA/Hante Staff
  • Create and/or Secure Full-time Staff Housing Options



Sharing Our Story

  • Develop/Expand Our Story: Create Stories and Statistics database
  • Continue to Share Our Story

Cultivating & Celebrating Our Place

  • Develop Land Acquisition Preparedness Plan (for immediately contiguous or internal property)



Building Financial Resiliency

  • Bring programs to capacity
  • Prototype New Revenue Streams
  • Explore creative debt options
  • Capital Campaign preparation
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2014 Retreat Report

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Centennial Plan Progress Report 2023-24

ENF Bridge Plan 2024-2027

Pre-Retreat Discovery and Planning

In 2013, ENF stakeholder discussions took place all across the country to help determine areas of focus to guide the Centennial Planning Process. Here are the summaries from each Discovery Unit.

Stakeholder Engagement Unit Summary

Environmental Patterns Discovery Unit Summary

Education and Technology Discovery Unit Summary

Demographics Discovery Unit Summary