Centennial Plan, updates and reports

100 Years: 1927 - 2027

In our Centennial Plan, finalized in 2014, we committed to achieving several priorities by our 100th-year birthday in 2027. Since our community conversations in 2013, YOU have helped us accomplish so much. We continue to fully live into our mission and to respond to changes in the world around us, thanks to you.


Centennial Priorities Report

Progress Overview Fall 2019- Winter 2022

Empowering Our Community of Educators

  • Initiated discussions on task force to review board and administrative structure, succession planning, and future growth needs
  • Established diversity, equity, inclusion committee
  • Reinitiated annual employee satisfaction survey
  • Wrote and adopted Land Acknowledgement Statement
  • Drafted Gender Inclusion Statement and instituted Gender and Housing Policy
  • Board instituted Transcultural Responsiveness Committee
  • Introduced Kindred groups and retired tribal nomenclature following community discussions



Sharing Our Story

  • Launched new website including the ability to translate into Spanish
  • Initiated targeted marketing
  • Hosted virtual OA 25 Year Reunion
  • Hosted virtual alumni gatherings
  • Hosted programmatic discussion groups for Camp
  • Developed in-person, pandemic–conscientious programming for OA and Camp

Cultivating & Celebrating Our Place

  • Sustainability Plan: Institutionalized goals for food sourcing, garden to table, and green cleaning creating a sense of place around sustenance
  • Initiated energy use and source analysis
  • Built new housing and offices building: Mo’s Hillside
  • Prioritized investments in year-round staff housing including new home builds
  • Closed Winston-Salem physical office – 3 employees working remotely
  • Built CIRCLES, Bridge curriculum at OA
  • Camp Kindred system maintains tradition of reflection, belonging, and recognition within community



Building Financial Resiliency

  • Met and exceeded fundraising goals; community overwhelming in gratitude & support
  • Continual study of financial capacity within context of COVID-19 pandemic and related impacts
  • Revamped budgeting and reporting systems
  • Awarded two paycheck protection program loans allowing ENF to maintain all employees throughout the pandemic
  • Reconfiguring ENF Financial Resiliency Plan for a post-pandemic economy
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2014 Retreat Report

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Centennial Plan Progress Report 2014-21

Pre-Retreat Discovery and Planning

In 2013, ENF stakeholder discussions took place all across the country to help determine areas of focus to guide the Centennial Planning Process. Here are the summaries from each Discovery Unit.

Stakeholder Engagement Unit Summary

Environmental Patterns Discovery Unit Summary

Education and Technology Discovery Unit Summary

Demographics Discovery Unit Summary