Through Camp, Hante and The Outdoor Academy, Eagle’s Nest has been home to thousands of incredible young adventurers for the past 90 years. Many of you have even grown up at Eagle’s Nest, finding your sense of place among the rhododendron blooms and towering pines of Pisgah Forest.


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Eagle’s Nest Alumni

You, the Eagle’s Nest Alumni, are the heartbeat that keeps our Foundation strong. You are the storytellers and the memory keepers, reminding us of all the wonderful experiences shared at 43 Hart Road. While each person’s journey here is unique, there are some poignant stops along the path that will keep us forever connected: the first warm Cho-Cho of the season, the anticipation of Final Banquet, pine needles crunching under bare feet at Tribal Village, dancing until exhaustion at the Old Lodge, tea parties on the dock, meeting your tribe, the first night spent alone in the woods, your turn to be Adasahede, packing out food for Hante, dipping into 3 Falls and walking to Morning Watch at Sunrise, practicing canoe strokes in the lake or your best cannonball off the dock, bells ringing to wake up and songs to follow a hearty meal, grasping the climbing hold you never thought you’d reach, watching the sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains, the first Goodnight Circle.

As part of the Alumni Community you have the opportunity to both celebrate our history and guide our future. Whether you’re hosting a promotions party, recommending a friend, fundraising for scholarships, or serving as a resource to an interested family, your involvement will create opportunities for more young adventurers to experience Eagle’s Nest Camp, Hante and The Outdoor Academy. Here are some resources to help you stay connected, support Eagle’s Nest, and spread the word to other interested families!

Give Thanks.

What Are You Grateful For?


“I was an only child and coming here was my first time away from home. I came back and could clear the table, do my chores voluntarily, and was a completely different responsible young person; that was purely from camp. School was what we did while we were waiting for camp.”

~ Adrienne Lockey, Camper, Counselor and Hante Participant