Eagle’s Nest Foundation is the nonprofit organization supporting Eagle’s Nest Camp, Hante Adventures, and The Outdoor Academy, a premier semester school in Western North Carolina serving high school sophomores and select juniors.

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Our mission at Eagle’s Nest Foundation is to provide hands-on educational programs for young people at each developmental stage from age 6 to 17. The three programs are intentionally designed to partner with each other, offering a progression of learning. Each program can also stand alone as a unique experience.  Our programs encourage participants’ connection to and responsible action within the natural world and build the understanding of self within community.

The Eagle’s Nest community is over 85 years old and our network of alumni is active and supportive around the globe.  Our alumni are active community leaders, educators, environmentalists, professors, physicians, attorneys, chefs, master gardeners, actors, musicians and many other inspirational vocations.

Our organization believes in the ideals of belonging, self-awareness, honesty and equality.  Eagle’s Nest is open to and inclusive of all races, colors, national origins, religions, sexual orientation, ages and disabling conditions.  We include people of all abilities on an individual basis with regard to our wilderness program in rugged terrain.

What are YOU grateful for?

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“Dear Noni,

I find myself working on a Parent Questionnaire for Maja’s school to help her college counselor write her recommendations. One question is: “Explain life experiences that have been transforming for your daughter.” Simply put, Eagle’s Nest Camp (for both my girls) and OA (for Maja) came to mind first. I’m so proud of the young women they have become and ENC has been and continues to be an important part of that.”


~ Elis Olsson, Camp, Hante and OA Parent