Hey counselors! This is an email from Ed, our Assistant Director of Hante and Outdoor Programming, that contains a packing list for our staff-campout and some information about discounts that you get just by being a staff member! The attachments are linked directly in the text. Reach out to ed@enf.org if you have any questions!


Greetings camp staff!

I hope this email finds you all enjoying your spring (for us northern hemisphere folks) and excited for what’s to come. As you prepare for arriving in just over a month, I wanted to provide some resources to ensure you feel physically comfortable and capable on our wooded campus and beyond this summer.

The first attachment is a packing list for our all staff campout on Monday, June 5th. For context, we will be driving to a large site in nearby Pisgah National Forest and spend the night camping together before a day of exploration the following Tuesday. This 24 hour excursion will be led by this summer’s outdoor staff, and is meant to serve many purposes: engagement in a shared group experience to cultivate connection as a staff, facilitation of intrapersonal and interpersonal growth through doing something new and different, education on how to recreate appropriately and sustainably, introduction to our surrounding area both geographically and ecologically, and – above all – to have fun, together!

The packing list will hopefully give you a sense for what to expect and prepare ahead of time. If there are items on this list you are unsure of or in need of, then allow me to present attachment number two!

This is a sheet listing retailers who specialize in various outdoor gear. While there are many retailers out there, this list is comprised of those who offer discounted rates on their products to individuals in the outdoor industry. As a camp counselor, you may be able to receive these discounts via their application process and subsequent approval. At the bottom of this list, I provide additional information on where other outdoor gear can be obtained beyond these retailers, including from our very own Gear Lending Library.

If you have any questions regarding these resources or proper preparation, please feel free to email me at ed@enf.org

Enjoy, safe travels, and I look forward to meeting you all here soon!



Assistant Camp Director, Hante and Outdoor Programs