You’ve Just Been Hired to Work at Eagle’s Nest Camp! HOORAY!!!

Now What?

Please read the following information carefully! This page has some information that has been sent to staff via email. We’ve collected it on this page for folks who may have been hired late, or for anyone who needs a refresher. We know it’s a lot! Please reach out to anyone on the admin team if you have any questions.


Redwood Training Videos

Here is the information from Spring Emails about the Redwood Training videos:

To access the videos go to: – you’ll need to sign up for an account. There are five videos that you need to watch: Residential Camp Supervision, Peer to Peer Sexual Abuse Prevention at Camp, Aquadic Safety for Natural Bodies of Water, Child Sexual Abuse Prevention at Camp, and Appropriate Touch. You are also welcome to watch all of them if you’d like. They are all helpful.

More Questionnaires!

The first thing we’ll need you to do is provide us with some important information. After signing your contract, you should have received an additional questionnaire from Paige similar to the ones you filled out when you arrive. These provide us with your Date of Birth, Driver and Travel Information, and Certifications. If you did not receive this questionnaire, reach out to ASAP!

Background Check

After you’ve completed your onboarding questionnaire, you’ll be receiving an invite to complete a background check from Verified First, our background check provider. Please fill out the invitation carefully, and make sure all information is correct. This should take less than five minutes to complete.

Online Profiles

After being hired and completing the steps above, you should receive emails from two different staff onboarding platforms. The first is from a system called Paycor. This is our electronic payroll system (AKA, how you get paid!). When you receive your Paycor invitation, please accept the invite and create a Paycor account right away! This invitation will expire within a few days, and you can only use the link once. Please set up your username and password immediately after you open the link. You’ll be completing tax forms and payroll information, so you’ll need these things handy:

  • Your social security number
  • Bank routing instructions (your account number and routing number).
  • Identification to verify your I-9 (Driver’s License AND your social security card or birth certificate OR your passport)

Any questions about Paycor, payroll, or required documentation? Reach out to our HR Manager Tammy Berlin at

You’ll also receive an email from CampDoc. CampDoc is our electronic health and record-keeping system. This is where you’ll provide some important health information. This should only take about 5 minutes, but it must be completed before camp begins! (Note: you might receive this invitation before you receive your Paycor invitation).

Other Things to do