Eagle’s Nest Camp is nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, surrounded by lush rhododendron and towering pines. Our 180-acre river valley campus serves as home to a diverse community of campers from across the country and the world. Since 1927, Eagle’s Nest campers have been inspired by mountain views, cooled by midday creek hikes, and ushered to sleep by a symphony of cicadas.


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Summer Camp for Boys and Girls in Kindergarten through 11th Grade

Eagle’s Nest Camp encourages boys and girls to live and grow simply, rooted by intentional experiences and connection to community. We place emphasis on developing the whole child in a compassionate, encouraging environment filled with activities that promote self-expression, personal growth, skill building and fun. Eagle’s Nest provides campers the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with the core values of nature, friendship, and joyful living. At Eagle’s Nest children form meaningful friendships and learn what it means to truly belong.

Eagle’s Nest provides a tight-knit, nurturing community of equality where campers are treated with respect, kindness and compassion. They are valued for the unique people they are and return to Eagle’s Nest year after year because Camp is a second home for them. We are open to and embrace all spiritual practices and celebrate the differences that make our world so rich.

Eagle’s Nest Camp is accredited by the American Camp Association (ACA), and our activities meet or exceed the ACA’s safety precautions and standards.

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“The more time my family spends around Eagle’s Nest, the more impressed I am. You have managed to create a world apart on your campus. All the traditions, the games, the names for various locations at the camp, etc. contribute to making the campers feel like they are in a different world. Kind of like Harry Potter’s Hogwart’s School, but without the danger. If that’s all you did—create this special world in which the kids could have a grand time for a few weeks—that would have been enough. But what really sets you apart is that you use the magical place to foster a positive environment and teach excellent moral lessons. For that, I salute you. Note that in the sentence above I did not put the word “magical” in quotation marks. You really do create magic there. Very good magic used to serve a very good end.”

~ Jeff, Camper Parent
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Session 1 Opening Day

Jun 10, 2017

Session 1 Closing Day

Jun 23, 2017

Session 2 Opening Day

Jun 25, 2017

MAY. 11, 2017

Mothers Everywhere

This pretty planet spinning through space, You’re a garden, you’re a harbor,  You’re a holy place, Golden sun going down, Gentle blue giant spin us around. All through the night, safe ’til the morning light. (Tom Chapin) As we head into Mother’s Day this weekend I have been thinking about all the mothers there are […]