Food Service Manager

Eagle’s Nest Foundation
Pisgah Forest, North Carolina

Eagle’s Nest Foundation (ENF) is a non-profit that promotes the natural world and the betterment of human character through experiential education programs.  ENF supports three programs: Eagle’s Nest Camp (a residential, summer camp for children ages 6-17), Hante Adventures (an off-site adventure program for teens), and The Outdoor Academy (a residential semester school for high-performing 10th grade students).



The Food Service Manager supports the Foundation’s mission of promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character by managing a from-scratch food program that focuses on nutritious, wholesome foods and teaches program participants and staff about garden-to-table practices and healthy living. At Eagle’s Nest, our food program is integral in meeting our mission and has a focus on sustainable practices, good health, and responsibility to the community. The Food Service Manager works closely with the Garden Manager to create and realize the goals of our Garden-to-Table program. The Food Service Manager also supports our campus-wide sanitation program, which teaches proper cleaning and sanitation using sustainable, environmentally-friendly methods.  The Food Service Manager must be prepared and qualified to provide care and nutrition through the foods served to our program participants and staff, and to share their knowledge of whole foods preparation, healthy nutrition, and proper sanitation using both casual and formal teaching activities.



The Food Service Manager is a full-time, year-round, exempt position, reporting to the Camp Director and Outdoor Academy (OA) Director.  The Food Service Manager works with the Directors in hiring and supervising kitchen staff and works closely with other staff positions that share responsibilities related to ENF’s whole foods and green cleaning programs. Primary responsibilities within these programs include oversight and management of: kitchen staff, menu planning (including maximum use of garden produce), meal preparation and cooking, teaching food safety and sanitation procedures, ensuring NC Health Code and American Camp Association compliance, purchasing, inventory, and budget tracking.



Kitchen Staff Recruiting, Training and Managing

  • Work with Camp and OA Directors to recruit, interview, and manage kitchen staff and their work schedules, free time, and days off per ENF policies.
  • Train and supervise kitchen staff (and others who help in the kitchen) on proper food handling, preparation, storage and disposal; proper dish/pot washing and overall kitchen cleanliness; and proper table setting procedures (all in accordance with NC Health Codes).
  • Oversee OA Chef in the preparation of special food events at OA such as Parents’ Weekend, Opening and Closing day (brunch), special theme events, holiday banquets, and special student projects that involve food.
  • Work with OA staff responsible for daily breakfast and weekend meal preparation: review menu requests, provide guidance, and order ingredients and supplies.

Menu Planning

  • Work with OA and Camp Chefs to create menus that reflect the Eagle’s Nest whole foods philosophy. Three complete meals shall be served daily. Simple and healthy mid-morning and evening snacks will be served each day. Ensure vegetarian, vegan, and other options to support special dietary needs and allergies are provided.
  • Work with health staff to learn about special dietary allergies of participants and staff; communicate special dietary allergies to kitchen staff; ensure proper procedures and meals are created and followed for prevention of allergic reactions.
  • Work with the Garden Manager to plan vegetables and herbs plantings in the garden each year, maximizing use of produce harvested.
  • Work with the Hante Director, Wilderness Logistics Coordinator (Camp) and Outdoor Education Manager (OA) to ensure that food and supplies for trips off campus are available for all off campus trips. All food used for wilderness programs should be in keeping with the Eagle’s Nest Foundation whole foods philosophy.
  • Work with Directors, as necessary, for menu review.

Meal Preparation and Cooking

  • During Camp, assist with meal preparation and cooking duties as needed, though primary responsibility for cooking is with the chef and other kitchen staff.
  • During OA, prepare meals as scheduled (lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, snacks twice daily, and occasional weekend dinners prepared in advance), sharing the responsibility with the OA part-time chef. Support the residential life team by assisting with prep and planning for weekend meals.

Food Safety and Sanitation Compliance

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge of North Carolina health code requirements for kitchen, dining, and food service areas, American Camping Association (ACA) kitchen standards, and other food safety and sanitation compliance requirements as necessary.
  • Work closely with the Property Manager as needed to meet applicable health standards and codes and to ensure the proper maintenance of all kitchen spaces and equipment.
  • Oversee and teach staff and participants about food safety and cleanliness procedures and implementation in accordance with applicable codes and standards.
  • Maintain “A” rating with the State of NC Health Department for kitchen, dining, pack-out, and food service areas.
  • Create mechanisms to ensure ACA kitchen standards are followed and pass ACA inspection; directly responsible for ACA prerequisites in Food Service.

Purchasing & Inventory

  • Purchase food and kitchen/dining supplies as economically as possible, staying within budget. Food purchases should reflect the Foundation’s commitment to whole foods and environmental stewardship (i.e. when feasible purchase seasonal produce from local purveyors, reduce packaging, purchase in bulk).
  • Work with wilderness trip staff to plan and order food for use in the field; work with other staff as needed to plan and order food for special events. Note that the OA Outdoor Education Manager will order and manage inventory for packout house food during the school year but may need assistance or support from time to time to meet the food needs of outdoor programs.
  • Maintain an organized, accurate accounting of inventory; ensure products are ordered in a timely fashion and available when needed. Complete thorough product inventories at the conclusion of each OA Semester and the summer season.
  • Oversee delivery and safe storage of food, supplies, and products in accordance with health department requirements. Address delivery issues with suppliers as needed.
  • Verify accuracy of receipts and invoices; approve and submit invoices to the Business Office in a timely manner. Work with the Business Office or Program Directors to address any issues related to the financial management of the food program.


  • Work with Directors to create and manage food, kitchen/dining supplies, equipment and green cleaning program supply
  • Maintain an ongoing record of expenditures to compare with Business Office accounting reports and ensure management within the approved Regularly review budget-vs-actuals statements.
  • Review food budget accounts within a month of the start of each program after final participant and staff numbers are available. Submit updated expense projections to the Director of the program for approval. During the course of the program, communicate with the Director if budget overages are anticipated, and work with the Director to determine if the overage can be avoided or minimized.  Budget overages deemed unavoidable should be approved by the Director prior to incurring the overage expense.
  • Review account detail and status reports periodically; submit year-end or program-end forecasts to Directors as needed.



  • Oversee and assist with ongoing research and policy/procedure updates for our environmentally friendly cleaning initiatives across campus.
  • Maintain a list of approved cleaning supplies and housekeeping products that reflect the Foundation’s commitment to environmental stewardship. Manage ongoing research and cost analysis for continued product conversion to environmentally friendly options using lowest cost vendors.
  • Manage cleanliness in kitchens, dish room, food and supply storage areas, and recycling areas, teaching procedures and product awareness/requirements to staff and others involved in cleaning.
  • Work with Directors to create and manage green cleaning housekeeping supplies budget, including but not limited to cleansers, toilet paper, light bulbs, brooms, mops, etc.
  • Maintain inventory of cleaning, sanitation, and paper goods supplies and order additional inventory as needed.



Kitchen Appliances & Hardware

  • Work with the Property Manager to manage maintenance of kitchen appliances and hardware.
  • Work with Directors to create and manage kitchen appliances and hardware budgets.

Composting and Recycling

  • Assist with researching and updating composting and recycling practices.
  • Work with the Garden Manager to maximize composting from food service areas.
  • Oversee recycling areas, ensuring cleanliness and organization is maintained.
  • Teach staff and others involved in food service about composting and recycling procedures; create mechanisms to ensure procedures are followed.

Foundation Functions

  • In conjunction with the Executive Director or their designee, manage menu design and kitchen staff hired for Trustee and other ENF functions held on site.
  • Oversee food and beverage purchasing.
  • Oversee food, snack and coffee service production.
  • Prepare meals in coordination with the Chef and other staff on kitchen duty.
  • Assist with off-site function menu prep and food production if needed.
  • Other duties as required


Education/Work Experience required: BA/BS or equivalent work experience. Prior commercial kitchen experience, preferably in an educational setting. Prior teaching or mentoring experience. ServSafe Certification preferred. Enjoy working with children ages 6 – 17.



  • This position operates in a casual but professional environment and routinely uses commercial kitchen equipment. The ability to work long days in hot kitchens/around hot cooking elements and lift heavy pots and boxes is required.
  • Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform essential job functions.
  • Flexibility to work evenings and/or weekend hours as needed to fulfill program demands of the position.
  • Hours are roughly defined between the employee and their supervisor(s) and may be adjusted. The majority of work will be performed on weekdays roughly from 9:00 – 5:00, though flexibility is needed to work weekends as needed to fulfill demands.



Eagle’s Nest provides a salary (no housing available), contributory healthcare benefits, retirement plans, paid time off, Camp and OA discounts, and pro deals.  Lunch is available when served through the Dining Room on class days while OA and Camp programs are in session during time worked. Specific benefits are outlined in the employment agreement.




Eagle’s Nest Foundation is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on or tolerate harassment on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, age, sex, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, pregnancy, disability, military status, veteran status or any other condition under applicable under federal, state or local law.