Find a good home for your unused items.

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Foundation Wishlist

Eagle’s Nest would like to help you clean out your “stuff” and give it a good home! The Nest can use the following gently-used items. We also keep a list of special projects needing a bit of funding.  If you would like to donate, please contact our development team ( or 828-877-4349.)

Note about computers and electronics: For all potential donations of computers and office electronics, please contact Bonnie Carter ( before sending your items.  Our computer/accessory needs are very specific and we must travel some distance to recycle unusable electronic items.

Around the House

– Coffee Makers (large catering type or similar)
– Coffee Mugs (always)
– Floor and table lamps
– Costumes and dress-up clothes
– Heavy-duty flashlights, such as Mag-Lights, rechargeable even better!
– Side tables
– 100% cotton blankets
– TV (flat screen)
– DVD/BlueRay player (wireless would be excellent)
– Essential oils

From Your Garden to Ours

– Garden tools in good condition
– EZ Up with ground stakes
– Garden/yard cart (400lb capacity)
– Weed fabric
– Wheelbarrows
– Watering cans
– Pruning shears
– Standard long-handled garden hoes
– Pointed shovels for digging
– Hoop Loops/Loop Hoops for row covers (specific type of metal wire support frame)
– Row cover fabric
– Drip irrigation materials
– Small shop vac
– Step stool
– Containers
– Hoses and hose fittings
– Aquarium pumps
– Compost tea brewing equipment
– Bales of Straw/Hay
– Lumber new or used
– Clean buckets
– Rain barrels

Around the Kitchen

– Induction burner with compatible pots and pans (magnetic and flat bottom)
– Mason jars with lids (new), or other containers for lotion, salves, spray bottles, etc.
– Knife roll/bag
– Measuring cups and spoons
– Non-wooden mixing bowls
– Non-wooden stirring utensils
– Water bath canner with equipment (jars, new lids, rings, funnels, etc.)
– Food dehydrator
– Kitchen aid or similar mixer
– Tupperware or storage containers

Around the Office

– Desk chairs
– Bookshelves
– Mini whiteboards
– Large plastic file boxes in good condition
– Filing cabinets, especially half-size
– 2-line speakerphone telephones w/Caller ID screens
– 2 TI-84+ calculators
– DVD or LCD projectors
– Flat-screen monitors
– Linksys or D-link wireless networking hubs
– Apple AirPorts
– Cat5 cable (spools or extra-long cables)

Artistic Touches

– Guitars and other small musical instruments of all kinds
– Electric potter’s wheels
– Manual, film SLR cameras
– Large Kiln (Ideally 28″x 23″ or larger)
– Darkroom timers
– Darkroom safe-lights (clamp style)
– Unopened black-and-white photo paper
– Digital cameras, especially a Go Pro camera
– Contrast filters for darkroom enlargers
– Lumber for small building projects like birdhouses and toolboxes in woodworking
classes, and for theatrical sets
– Manual hand tools – especially kid-sized manual hand drills

Your Lightly Used Gear
(still useful and in safe condition)

– Binoculars
– Telescope (a really good one)
– Climbing shoes (new or like-new)
– Yoga mats, blocks and straps
– Whitewater canoes in good condition with solid whitewater outfitting
– Canoe paddles

Bigger Items

– Golf cart, gas-powered, for Maintenance use
– Horse Trailer
– Fuel-efficient car for office errands
– Treadmill
– Convection oven for food drying
– Canoe trailer
– High tunnel
– Outdoor “Harkness” discussion table for OA’s outdoor classroom

People Who Can Do Things

– Professional printing on t-shirts for special events and programs
– Printing services for brochures and mailings
– Transfer VHS tapes to DVD format
– Transfer old slides and photos to digital format
– Repair manual film SLR cameras and equipment
– Repair canoes

Thank you, but we no longer need

– Boomboxes without an auxiliary input jack
– Any audio or video equipment requiring tapes
– VHS or cassette tapes
– Yarn
– Scrap fabric or samples (bolts/yards of plain white or unbleached cotton muslin ok)
– Large musical instruments
– Darkroom chemical trays
– Stop bath concentrates
– Color film
– Point-and-shoot film cameras
– Life-supporting climbing gear (i.e. harnesses, helmets, ropes, soft goods)
– Life-supporting paddling gear (i.e. helmets, PFDs, soft goods)
– Used sleeping bags
– Archery equipment intended for hunting
– Flatwater canoes
– Kayaking equipment
– Computers and electronics not discussed with Bonnie Carter

No Stuff? No Problem!

– You can make a financial contribution and be present in Pisgah Forest all year round

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Contributions to Eagle’s Nest Foundation are fully deductible for tax purposes as provided by law. We ask our donors of gifts of property to place a value upon their gifts themselves in the absence of an appraisal.