What is a “Normal”
Day at The Outdoor Academy?

Days at The Outdoor Academy are busy and fulfilling. We strive to use our time well, and each day integrates academic work with other activities like Craft class, community Work Crew, and free time. 


The sample schedules below are examples of what a day at OA might look like. Weekdays on campus will vary, with a variety of academic classes alongside blocks that integrate Community events or Outdoor Programming. Also, remember that a quarter of our days are spent off-campus on our various outdoor adventures. There’s truly never a dull day here at The Outdoor Academy!

Click on a part of the schedule to learn more about a day in the life of an OA student.
Sample On-Campus Daily Schedules
Weekday**10-15 minute breaks occur between each classWeekend**Weekend activities are planned by a rotating student committee with assistance from the Residential Life staff
7:00 AMWake-Up Bell9:00 AMWake-Up Bell
7:30 AMMorning Watch10:00 AMStudent-Cooked Brunch
8:00 AMBreakfast & Chores11:00 AMWeekly Cabin Clean-Up & Cabin Meeting
9:00 AMSpanish12:00 PMFree Time
10:00 AMChoice Period (Free)(3:00 PMOptional "Craft-ernoon" or Trail Hike)
11:00 AMMath6:00 PMDinner
12:15 PMLunch7:00 PMCoffee House Talent Show
1:15 PMOffice Hours & Free Time9:30 PMGoodnight Circle & Cabin Time
2:00 PMEnvironmental Science or English Block
4:00 PMAppalachian Craft Class
6:15 PMCommunity Dinner
7:30 PMStudy Hall
9:00 PMGoodnight Circle & Cabin Time
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