The Sun Lodge

The Sun Lodge is the hub of life on OA's campus. The Base is a place for classes and study hall The Dining Hall is where students and faculty eat meals together as a community. The Den is a great place to drink a cup of tea, play a board game, read by the woodstove, and stay in touch with family and friends using the campus phone. On the top floor, students share cozy living quarters with their cabinmates.

Mo's Hillside

At Hillside, you can find offices for the Director and Deans (although they're usually outside with students rather than inside at their desks!), as well as the Admissions Team.

Cheoah Music Building

A beautiful space for studying, practicing the piano, or an indoor jam session overlooking the field. This climate-controlled room is filled with our many guitars, mandolins, banjos, drums and piano that you are always free to try out!

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Faculty Houses

A majority of OA faculty live on campus, adding to the closeness of our intentional community

Morning Watch Trail

Each morning, students begin their day with a hike up this hill to a beautiful forest clearing. We welcome the day with a few quiet moments of reflection as the sun slowly creeps over the Blue Ridge Mountains.


In this open and airy room, you might have Spanish class or use your free period to relax in the Library upstairs. You’ll recognize this room when our Head of School welcomes you and your family to OA on Opening Day!

The Cabins

Students live in beautifully rustic, woodstove-heated cabin. Along with your cabinmates, you will live with a Resident who serves as mentor and confidant (as well as a wilderness instructor!) throughout your semester.

Cabin 7 Field

As our campus Quad, this is where you’ll find students throwing a Frisbee during Choice Periods, reading books, learning guitar, or just lounging in the sun between classes. This is also a great spot for Community Meeting on crisp autumn afternoons.

The New Lodge

This open air studio is where students will come to throw ceramic pots on the wheel and work on small craft projects. Above the studio is a large open space, great for both backpacking gear preparations and Saturday evening contra dances.

The A-Field

When you’re not in the woods climbing, backpacking, or paddling, this is where your Outdoor Education class will play games and hone skills. It’s also where you can prepare to join the annual Ultimate Frisbee Match against the faculty!


Many of the fresh veggies we eat at OA come straight out of our campus garden. Students may even get the opportunity to harvest, plant, and maintain our beautiful garden space!


Where students learn traditional Appalachian crafts such as ironworking and woodworking.