Creative Arts

and traditional skills

The Craft program at OA is rooted in the traditions of the Blue Ridge Mountains. During weekly Craft classes, you’ll have the opportunity to study a variety of creative art forms like blacksmithing, woodworking, and ceramics from local artisans and experts. Additionally, Craft frequently appears around campus outside of formal classes. Whether you’re learning to crochet from your bunkmate or hosting an impromptu a Capella concert during dinner dish crew, Craft will weave itself into your each and every day at OA. So, pick up your guitar, find a pair of knitting needles, or dust off your garden gloves, and get ready to craft!


Music, blacksmithing, quilting… the choice is yours!

During your semester, you will have the opportunity to choose two or three focus topics for your Craft rotations. These classes balance beauty and utility. You’ll first spend time learning the history and process behind an art form, before focusing in on the creation process rather than aiming to produce as many products as possible. Whether you’re already a skilled artist or you usually feel most comfortable in Science class or on the soccer field, Craft class is for you.



Craft classes serve as another way to connect us to the environment, too. No matter the medium – from wood to food to stained glass to gardening – classes incorporate nature and help us find our place in the natural world around us. 



Develop self-reliance, gratitude, and perseverance while learning alongside experts mentors

The Craft cornerstone represents not only creating art but also taking pride and expecting quality in everything we do. An afternoon spent hammering at the forge or playing bluegrass tunes on the field helps us appreciate the beauty around us. It also helps us develop an appreciation for the process and utility of creation. You’ll be amazed at the creative artwork you produce, and even more astounded by what you learn during the many attempts it took to make that final handmade bowl or sweater. By emphasizing the craft of both hands and minds, your classes will let you take ownership of your work no matter what you choose to do.

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