Summer 2020 is right around the corner. We’re excited about all of our Hante Adventures trips, and the classic Appalachian Trail Trek is one we never tire of.  This year we’re heading to Virginia and will be traveling through the Grayson Highlands; can you say sweeping views and wild ponies? Yes, please. We’ve got a GREAT crew lined up already and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite trail essentials as you prepare for this summer.


  1. Backpack – If you’re one of the lucky participants on the Hante AT Trek trip, we will be providing you with an Osprey pack fit for a monarch.
    1. If you’re interested in investing in your own pack, head down to your local outfitting store to try on a pack and have it fitted just for you. Check out these options: classic look and style, multi-functionality, and for the ultra-light enthusiast.
    2. Check out this nifty article by NOLS on how to pack your backpack!
  2. Water Bottles – This isn’t just an essential, it’s a survival tool. We require a minimum of 2 1-liter water bottles on AT Trek.  There are many brands out there to choose from, but we offer some pretty awesome Nalgene brand water bottles in our camp store.
    1. *Pro tip – Avoid straws, they can be tricky to clean and make treating water a doozy.
  3. Head Lamp – For those adventures in the dark… when nature calls, don’t be caught without one of these awesome gadgets. Check out this REI article on the best headlamps of 2019!
  4. Camp Chair – There is nothing better than hiking into camp and collapsing into a cozy camp chair. These are considered a luxury item, and for good reason! You’ll want to consider weight and pack-ability when selecting your chair. Head on down to an REI to try some out in live action. I recommend this one for weight, and this one as a classic!
    1. Pro tip – Eagle’s Nest offers Crazy Creek chairs in our camp store!
  5. SOCKS – Merino wool socks make great companions on the trail. They wick moisture away from your feet and help prevent blisters. Your feet are your most important asset on the trail and we want to treat them with the best socks we have! Check out darn tough and smart wool for some pretty sweet pairs of socks.

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