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Eagle’s Nest and Hante Adventures Staff FAQs

Who are the other staff members?

Our wonderful staff is made up of talented people from a variety of backgrounds, ages, and Eagle’s Nest experience. Many of our staff members are brand new to Eagle’s Nest and are from all over the country and the world. Others have been members of the Eagle’s Nest community in some capacity—as Eagle’s Nest campers, The Outdoor Academy students, or Hante Adventures participants—who return to work for Eagle’s Nest. The majority of staff members are in college. We also have several staff members who have finished their undergraduate studies and are looking for summer teaching or trip leading opportunities. Most of our staff members are 20 – 30 years old. Almost all of our staff members have a background that includes experience in teaching, working with children, outdoor leadership, and/or working in community service.

What will I be teaching and what are my general responsibilities?

You will be teaching four activity periods each day, either as the “lead” instructor or in an assistant role. Eagle’s Nest offers a wide range of activities, including arts classes, athletics classes, outdoor classes, and “special” classes that are often

created by our inspired staff members. During the application and interview process, you will have the opportunity to express the types of classes that you are most qualified for and interested in teaching. We hope for staff members to have the opportunity to teach a variety of classes throughout the summer.

General cabin responsibilities

You will live in a cabin with about 12 campers, three counselors (total) and a Junior Counselor. As a cabin counselor you will be responsible for helping the campers with day-to-day activities, serving as a mentor to them, and also as their substitute

parent. You will help them with many things including cabin clean up, homesickness, interpersonal relationships, bed wetting, etc.

General program responsibilities

As an activity instructor, you will be working with at least one other staff member per activity, to teach campers skills in their chosen class. Your primary role is to ensure the safety and skill development of our campers. You will also be responsible for planning and implementing a class lesson plan. Class content should be taught in a way that meets our program goals. Some of these goals include working within a team, learning good sportsmanship, and individual skill development.

General community responsibilities

Organize and lead or help to lead several all-camp evening activities each session and at least one weekend activity during the summer.

Be present at all “All Camp” activities (evening activities, square dances, cookouts, Capture the Flag, ceremonial times, etc.) except when on a day off or night out.

Be present at flag raising in the mornings and goodnight circle in the evenings.

Be a Table Parent. Care for the campers during meal times and check in with them throughout the day.

Where will I live while I am at camp?

The majority of our staff are cabin counselors and live in cabins with the campers and at least two other staff members. Each cabin counselor has a single bed and space for their personal belongings. The cabins are fully screened “open air” cabins with bathrooms inside the cabin. Cabins have electricity and hot running water.  Other support and leadership staff live in separate staff housing on campus. Staff members who bring cars will be able to park on campus. We also have storage available for personal bikes.

What are the salary and benefits for summer staff at Eagle's Nest?

Eagle’s Nest’s salaries are comparable to other ACA-accredited camps in our area. The range of payment is $265 to $350 per week. Salary is calculated for each staff member according to their experience, certifications and responsibility level. In addition, room, board and laundry are provided, as well as workers’ compensation for time on duty.  Summer staff also receive discounts on gear.

What kind of time off will I receive this summer?

Working at a residential summer camp  requires a great deal of energy and commitment. Time off is an important way for staff to reset and recharge. Staff members have a minimum of two hours each day in which they are not obligated to specific duties. In addition, camp provides 24 consecutive hours off per week, one night off per session (roughly 6:30 p.m. – 12 a.m.), and one “lunch out” (12:15 p.m. – 2:15 p.m.) per session. We have a staff lounge with phones, computers, wireless internet access, and a refrigerator.

What do people do on their days off?

There is a great amount to do in the surrounding areas during your time off. Most staff members spend time with other staff who share their same time off and go off campus to explore Brevard, Hendersonville, and Asheville. These areas are great places for a concert, festival, movie or meal throughout the summer. There are also multitudes of campsites, day hikes, and waterfalls to enjoy in the surrounding areas, as well as an array of shops and restaurants to visit.

What kind of training is there for staff?

Staff members arrive 1 week to 3 weeks prior to the arrival of campers for staff training. We will spend one week of training all together. This All Staff Orientation period is a wonderful opportunity to come together and learn more about the mission of Eagle’s Nest, the community we aim to create and uphold, and ways in which we can nurture and teach the campers who are attending during the upcoming summer. All Staff Orientation is mandatory for all staff members.

Staff members teaching rock climbing, canoeing, some outdoor classes, and horseback riding will need to attend additional clinics or orientations that will take place prior to All Staff Orientation. These four-day clinics cover additional information about the policies and procedures for the program in which they will be teaching. Staff members are not paid for this training. Canoe clinic participants receive Swift Water Rescue Certification during canoe clinic. Eagle’s Nest also offers a Lifeguard Training Course and Wilderness First Aid course during this pre-camp time for those who wish to become lifeguards. These clinics are offered at a reduced fee for incoming staff members.

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As I was leaving camp, I felt on one hand very sad to leave my home again, but on the other hand, incredibly uplifted.  Something about the people and the place can make practically anyone feel joyous. I am eternally grateful for all of the summers I spent at Eagle’s Nest and especially grateful for the summers I have spent on staff.       ~ Former Staff Member


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