We are so excited to have your participant(s) join us this summer on a Hante Adventure!!

To help you get ready for the start of your Hante, please use the links below.


What Should I pack for My Hante?

Checkout our Hante packing lists for what to pack for your Hante this summer!

Hante Trails packing list

Hante Mountains to Sea Packing List

Hante Utah packing list

Hante Rocks and Rivers Packing List

Hante Maine Packing List



Health Forms

All health and medical forms are available via your CampDoc portal.  Once you are registered, complete your application, and are accepted to a Hante program, you will have access to health and medical forms in CampDoc.  These forms are located under the “Applicant Information” tab on CampDoc.

Login to CampDoc

Supplemental Health Forms

ACa health care Provider Form

important policies and practices form

Hante Physician’s Consent Form


Hante Enrollment Checklist:

Due Date and Description:

November 15th ⇒ Applications for Hantes meeting at Airports due

February 1st ⇒ Half of Program Fees Due (unless program fee due dates are different)- payments made via CampDoc or setup a payment plan in CampDoc

March 1st ⇒ Remainder of Programs Fees Due (unless program fee due dates are different) payments made via CampDoc 

April 1st ⇒ Demographic, Health, Waivers, and Medical Forms completed in CampDoc

April 15th⇒ Travel Arrangements for Hantes Meeting at Airports mailed to accepted Hante participants

May 1st ⇒ Parent/Guardian Manual mailed to enrolled campers 

May 15th⇒ Travel Forms completed in CampDoc for participants accepted to Hantes meeting at Airports