Have you considered writing about Hante for your college applications?

It’s a question to ask yourself if you’ve been on, or if you’re thinking about going on, a Hante. Hante provides life-shaping opportunities for our participants and the stories you’re able to tell provide a unique lens into your background and experience.

Thinking about applying for college in 2019, it can be a daunting task. There are more and more people interested in attending a college or university; it can become difficult at times to think of ways you might stand out to admissions.  Something that helped me stand out as an applicant was my experience in the wilderness. It’s an extracurricular that adds a little umph to the characteristic, “grit”. Many applications offer a space to share an experience that has been meaningful to you.

For example, the story of your experiences of 100 miles on Hante Appalachian Trail Trek; overcoming literal and figurative mountains, managing risk, working through conflict, singing in the rain, DANCING in the rain, cooking dinner over a fire, these are all life-shaping and character building experiences that will add a little sparkle to your application. Not to mention the appreciation you gained for nature and the people that became your family.

If you have been on a Hante, I recommend incorporating your experiences into your college applications. If you haven’t been on a Hante, it’s NOT too late! Our 2020 trips are filling quickly; reach out to us at  hante@enf.org to learn more and apply!


Have you written an essay about Hante? Are you willing to share it with us? We would love to include your Hante experience on our blog. Please forward it to Hante@enf.org.

By Mims Montgomery