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JAN. 27, 2014


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Lucas Newton, Hante Coordinator

Winter is a time when gardens are asleep, deciduous trees are barren and thin sheets of ice cover the local lakes and ponds.  It is a calming time of the year, a time for reflection, and a time to look ahead to what lies ahead in the warmer months.  It is a great time to snuggle up next to a fire with a book, be close to loved ones, connect through deep and meaningful conversation, and to rest the body and develop your mind of intellect. 

The Outdoor Academy Semester 38 just began two weeks ago, and the students are already developing connections as a community during these cooler months of the Spring semester.  They have backpacked 3 days, spent entire class periods outside, and listened to the birds with the backdrop of the barren Appalachian Mountains as their classroom. 

reflections 1

Eagle’s Nest campus is quite different during the winter months as compared to summer, yet the same sense of community and belonging that draws campers to Eagle’s Nest is also present for our students. Students still spend a time on the Athletic Field, and exploring Eagle’s Nest streams, flora and fauna, but they look at these things in a different light, because the forest is asleep during the winter months.  

 Winter is a time for planning, organizing, and preparing for whatever adventures lie ahead.  If you find yourself in this state of planning on these cold winter evenings, gathered around friends and family, think about joining us in the warm months this summer on a Hante Adventure.