Upon finishing our epic trek Cool Guy Nick picked us up and we made our way to the beautiful Linville Gorge. We hiked our way into the firey depths of the Devil’s Cellar where we made our first ascents and took a rappel down the Devil’s Butthole. Liam taught everyone the shmoopy dance, Olivia and Chloe faced their fear of heights, and Asher scrambled up boulders as easily as a lizard. Seqouyah lived up to his trail name of Butterfingers when his sleeping bag caught wind and flew off during a sunrise journey. We conquered Jim Dandy, Helmet Buttress, and What’s Up Doc. Hazel and Bobby worked away on friendship bracelets, Christian spent some time upside down like a bat, and Ava sang us some sweet sweet tunes. We came to the Attic Window for an incredible sunrise rappel down Fresh Garbage and climbed to the top of Northridge for incredible views of the surrounding gorge and mountains. We made our way to Rumbling Bald and were all defeated by Razor Face on the Screamweaver wall. Our final night of climbing was spent in a ferocious game of Hante Volleyball and a big sleepover under the stars. Now onto paddling!
Boats and Boulders
Check the flickr page tomorrow for photos of the rock climbing section of the trip!