We’re so excited to welcome back a counselor favorite among all, Ben SundingBen is passionate about spending time in the wilderness and I know we’ve all experienced some of his humor. Read on to learn more about a great nester.


1. What is your favorite weather phenomenon? 

My favorite weather phenomenon has to be after a long rainy day, or maybe a rainy week, when the clouds finally separate, and the sun comes out. I always get this great feeling of relief because, while I love the rain, the sun brings something special out of me. If you’re really lucky, you’ll get a rainbow in this moment as well!

2. Where is your favorite place on Eagle’s Nest Campus? Why?

I really love the Naming Hole. It’s one of the first places on campus that I interacted with. It helped me connect with all of the new people I was meeting and embrace the wild within me. I also appreciate how this part of campus is a bit more secluded and quieter than others, so it makes experiences here very personal.


3. Do you have any book recommendations? 

I just finished reading Wild by Cheryl Strayed. It’s a very inspiring true story of a young woman hiking the Pacific Crest Trail and how that experience helped her overcome a lot of internal struggles.


4. What is your favorite camp song? 

My favorite camp song is Wagon Wheel. I’ve always really enjoyed this song, but camp gave it a different meaning to me. Now I can’t listen to it without thinking about lunch time singing, road trips with staff, and coffee house performances. I can’t wait to see what other memories I create with this song.


5. Favorite camp game? 

My favorite camp game is definitely Yeehaw. It’s so ridiculous in the best way and everyone can’t help but laugh. Sometimes games of Yeehaw get so out of control that people start making up their own rules, but everyone just goes along with it because it only makes things more fun!


6. What are you most looking forward to this summer?

I am especially looking forward to leading the Huck Finn added adventure and Hante AT Trek. I led Huck Finn last summer and it was one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, so I’m happy to be returning. This will be my first summer leading a Hante, but I am excited to experience the culture and community, as well as teach the campers a lot of really cool lessons.