Greetings from the Sun Lodge and Semester 58!

In October, 2023 we gathered on the newly constructed Sun Lodge deck to honor our dear Ted Wesemann and his outstanding contributions to The Outdoor Academy over his 27+ year tenure as environmental science teacher, trail builder, blacksmith, first OA Director, and so much more. It was a day filled with smiles, new and old friends, and the memories that this place recalls for us all.

Over the years (45 to be exact), the Sun Lodge has housed young people embarking on Hante Adventures, OA students, staff and interns, and, so they say, a mouse, raccoon, and a few attic squirrels. This lodge up the hill got quite the facelift last year, and we are excited to share those updates with you!

Stay tuned in the coming months as we share more information about our beloved Sun Lodge. From biographical information on JB Hannum for whom the building is named, to details on the history of the architecture, building materials, and passive solar function.

“We deeply know that no matter where we go, what makes the OA community exceptional isn’t actually the Sun Lodge, but that tiny flame of community we each carry, ready to circle around a campfire.”  -Semester 1, 1995

Total donated towards Sun Lodge renovations: $59,499

Number of windows replaced: 55

Square footage of gathering space added: 1400 sq/ft

New Memories: no bounds