welcome to Hante spain

Sunday, June 23, 2024-July 12, 2024 (meets at Eagle’s Nest Camp)
For participants completing grades 8th through 11th grade in Spring 2024
Cost: $6,145 + Airfare

Few countries have been as culturally impactful as Spain; the vast spread of its language, art, music, literature, and cuisine speak for itself. On this Hante, you will have the opportunity to experience the full range of Spanish culture as you venture through the significant urban areas of Madrid and Barcelona, as well as the small towns and quaint villages along the Camino de Santiago – otherwise known as the “Way of St. James”, a globally prominent pilgrimage leading to the shrine of the apostle St. James the Great in the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela.

You and your peers will marvel over the beauty, history, and architecture of these unique places, and gain an appreciation for the diversity of groups and thoughts that contributed to each locale’s creation. Over the course of this adventure, you will gain a greater understanding in what it means to be a global citizen, reflecting on your own perspectives as you engage with the perspectives of local Spanish communities. This will surely lead to captivating group discussions and form cohesive bonds amongst group members. In this way, participants will find their intrapersonal and interpersonal capacities dramatically changed from this profound international endeavor.

Trips Highlights 

  • Hike the last 70 miles of the Camino de Santiago, one of the most historic treks in the world
  • Experience two of Europe’s cultural epicenters, Madrid and Barcelona
  • Appreciate the diverse landscape of nearly the entire country, as you travel from Spain’s western end (Santiago de Compostela) to its eastern end (Barcelona)

Spain Itinerary 

  • June 23: Arrive at Camp. Welcome! This day will be full of nerves and excitement: you will arrive on opening day along with the rest of camp, take part in similar communal activities as a Hante group, and wrap up your formation getting to know one another and your trip in the comfort of the Sun Lodge, the original accommodations of Hante Adventures.
  • June 24-27: Travel to and explore Barcelona. The group will hop in vans and drive down together to Charlotte Douglas International Airport before flying overseas to Barcelona. From here, your group will begin your adventure in one of the most visited locations in the world. You’ll have nearly three full days to explore the city, the coast, and the surrounding villages
  • June 28-29: Travel to and explore Madrid. The heart of Spain! Traveling by train from one world-renown city to another, you will have two days of exploring the country’s capital, with plenty of time to stroll through plazas and parks, visit museums, and learn about its rich history and culture.
  • June 30: Prep day for trek in Sarria. This day will be a busy one! You will travel from Madrid to Sarria, where the group will spend time exploring the area; packing gear; adjusting to a new culture and way of life; and setting goals and expectations to prepare for the upcoming adventure.
  • July 1-5: Trek from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela. The journey begins! You will start your adventure in the historic village of Sarria and hike the remaining 70 miles of the Camino de Santiago. This will be a challenging but truly rewarding experience as you traverse through rolling hills, beautiful towns, and engage with local communities.
  • July 6-7: Explore Santiago de Compostela and Fisterra. After arriving at your trek’s terminus, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the great cities of Santiago de Compostela and Fisterra: learn more about the famous pilgrimage, visit the shrine of St. James the Great in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, and appreciate the history, architecture, and beautiful coast.
  • July 8-10: Travel to and explore Burgos. Your group will take a train from Santiago de Compostela to Burgos, the historic and medieval city at the edge of the country’s central plateau. At this point in your journey, you will have the potential opportunity to become a more independent traveler as you practice your Spanish-speaking and navigational abilities.
  • July 11: Travel to Madrid, and de-issue, pack-up, debrief. This last full day will be spent traveling back to Madrid and packing, organizing, and debriefing the experience. You’ll share memories of your time together, reflect on lessons learned over the course of the trip, help each other to develop a greater understanding of each others’ place in the world, and create action steps to apply towards your lives going forward.
  • July 12: Fly from Madrid to Charlotte.  You will fly out of Madrid directly back to Charlotte Douglas International Airport as a group, and then go your separate ways from that point to spread your leadership knowledge to the greater world.

Hante Spain Equipment List:

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