OA Semester 34 (Spring 2012)


How have you been connected to Eagle’s Nest and OA?

My first year at Eagle’s Nest was the Summer of 2006 as a camper. Then I was a JC, intern, and on staff through 2018. I also was a part of Semester 34! 


What did you do after High School?

After high school, I attended the University of South Carolina where I formally studied electrical engineering (emphasis on renewable energy technology) with leadership distinction in civic and professional engagement. Outside of class, I was an active member of Sustainable Carolina, where I helped organize professional green networking events. This eventually led me to secure an internship with a construction management company where I focused on supporting the newly built Law School in achieving LEED Gold certification. 

The summer after college, a camp friend (Margaret Gibson!) and I embarked on a month-long cross country road trip, where we got to frolic in the snow on Mt. Rainier, dip our toes in the Glacier lakes at the foot of the Grand Tetons, and watch the rainbows appear after a storm passed through Monument Valley.


What are you doing now and how are you involved in the global climate community?

I am a Climate Change Consultant at Environmental Resource Management (ERM). So, I help companies identify their climate impacts – such as GHG emissions, risks, and opportunities – and support them in creating a climate strategy to decarbonize their businesses.

Prior to working at ERM, I worked at ICF Inc as a Climate Change Researcher, working with government agencies, small companies, and local and state governments in support of their climate projects and strategy programs.


What is your favorite memory, or the most influential thing you recall from your time at 43 Hart Road?

That’s a hard one because there are so many! I would say one of the most influential aspects has been the community. From the start, each time I step foot on campus, I’ve met so many magical and caring people who have contributed greatly to the person I am today. 

(Bonus: The summer time Cicada choir!)


Fun fact: 

My friends and I won the lottery to backpack the Enchantments in the Northern Cascades this summer!