We recognize that private education is an investment in your student’s future, and strive to make a semester at The Outdoor Academy financially possible for every motivated and qualified student. Each year we allocate funds from our donations, our operating budget, and from our endowment toward need-based financial aid for incoming students. Over the last five years, over 50% of our students received financial aid ranging from $1,000 to $25,000 and more. The expenses for one semester at OA are on par with the national average for private and other semester schools, and as a non-profit you can be assured that all tuition and expenses are allocated back into Eagle’s Nest Foundation to provide the best programming possible for your student.

To learn more about expenses and aid, and how our need-based scholarship program can make an OA semester a reality for you and your family, contact OA Financial Aid Counselor Julie Holt at julie@enf.org, or fill out our form to request more information.

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Affording The Outdoor Academy


Fall 2020 & Spring 2021
Tuition and Expenses

COST OF ATTENDANCE for FALL 2021 and SPRING 2022:  $32,250 which is inclusive of all expenses, including tuition, room, board, and tuition refund insurance (approx 4% of total). The only exception is a school store account with a suggested deposit of $150 for student spending.

*Upon enrollment at The Outdoor Academy, students are asked to pay a non-refundable $750 deposit that will apply directly toward their tuition cost.  

Financial Aid

In order to fairly estimate a family’s ability to pay, The Outdoor Academy uses the School and Student Service for Financial Aid (SSS) as a guide. This report, along with your personal Statement of Need, and the suitability of your teen at The Outdoor Academy, will determine our Financial Aid decision. Due to finite resources that must support many families, we cannot accommodate every financial aid request, nor will your financial aid package cover the entire cost of tuition. However, any monies awarded by The Outdoor Academy are in the form of a grant that do not need to be repaid. All admissions decisions are need blind, however, we will review your financial aid application immediately following our admissions decision. We strive to provide your family all the information possible at one time to make an enrollment decision.

 To apply for financial aid:


Print and complete your family’s Statement-of-Need-2021. This can be submitted to our office with your teen’s application materials.


Complete the School and Student Services Parent Financial Statement HERE.
Please select “The Outdoor Academy”, code 2919, when filing.

The cost to file your statement is $55. If this fee presents a hardship, please email admissions@enf.org for a fee waiver.
Once completed, a notification will be sent to our office and we will review your application for an award decision.

SSS Parent Financial Statement (PFS) Instruction Booklet >>

SSS Webinar: An Introduction to Financial Aid for Families>>

Sending and Member Schools

If you attend a private school or one of our member schools (Albuquerque Academy, The Bolles School, Greensboro Day School, Heathwood Hall Episcopal School, University School of Nashville), you may apply directly to The Outdoor Academy for financial aid beyond what you may be receiving at your sending school. We strongly encourage applicants to check with their school about their enrollment and tuition policies when applying to OA.

Tuition Payment Plans

Payment plans are available upon request with no additional fee or interest charged to the tuition balance. All expenses must be paid in full by Opening Day of the semester. Exceptions to the payment plan due date may be approved by the Admissions Director in coordination with the OA Business Office. Please contact our Admissions Director if you would like to set up a payment plan for your tuition balance.

In addition, we are registered with Your Tuition Solution, a company that offers low interest loans for private K-12 education. This has been an effective and manageable resource for many of our families and we strongly encourage you to consider a loan through YTS as an option for paying your tuition balance.

Paying it Forward

Many OA alumni and families chose to donate to our OA Alumni Scholarship Fund to help future students who wish to attend this incredible semester. If you are interested in helping the next generation of OA applicants make their dream a reality, please contact our Development Director.

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