A rainy day spot or a place to play board games or find a new book.

Camp Sites

Eagle’s Nest Camp is surrounded by over 180 acres of beautiful forests. Follow the trails and you’ll see our Campout spots where some campers will spend their very first overnight in the woods!


Whether you’re an avid rider or just love horses, it’s always fun to watch Cowboy, Cookie, and Dylan get their morning exercise in the pasture.

Health Hut

This is the place to heal all our little scrapes and bruises that happen during Camp. The Health Hut is staff by EMTs and RNs.


Campers are always excited to visit the Canteen and purchase the latest Eagle’s Nest Merch (or the toothbrush they forgot at home)!

Packout House

Where all the adventures begin! Whether it’s a three day outing in Pisgah National Forest or a 10 day trek on the Appalachian Trail, the Packout House is where all our campers and Hante participants come to prepare for their next big adventure.

Climbing Wall

Over 60 feet tall and ready for you to step out of your Comfort Zone! Here Campers can push their skills with experienced Climbing Staff and the support of their friends cheering them on!

Sun Lodge

This is the base camp for Hante Adventures. Before heading out to the Appalachian Trail, or rock climbing and paddling adventures, participants will gather here to pack gear, get acquainted, and prepare for their incredible adventure together!

Cabin 7 Field

Cabin 7 Field is the center of Eagle's Nest Campus and a great spot for frisbee games and midday lounging.


If you like costumes, then you’ll love the 6 closets in Wayah filled to the brim with fun outfits for all our Camp theatrics. Head to the back side to find our photography Dark Room and more Arts and Crafts supplies.


Climate controlled and filled with guitars, banjos, mandolins, and drums, you can almost always find someone playing music on the Cheoah porch. Play the piano? We’ve got one of those, too!

Arts and Crafts Arena

At Eagle’s Nest you’ll learn all kinds of crafts in the Arts Arena.

New Lodge

On Saturday nights the whole camp will fill the New Lodge for Square Dancing! The New Lodge is also the setting for the camp musical production and may other fun all-camp events.


Most campers have never gardened before coming to Eagle’s Nest. Our Garden Manager and Interns will teach you how to plant rows of vegetables, turn a compost pile, and harvest fresh food for the Whole Kitchen!



The first ringing of the bell is heard at 7:30 every morning for wake up. We have so much fun at Camp that it’s easy to lose track of time, and this trusty bell can be heard all over campus reminding us to head to our next activity. (from old website)

Old Lodge

One of the oldest buildings at Camp, this is a building filled with memories of the past 90+ years. We will have Lodge (the Camp dance), Coffeehouse (talent show), and games here all summer long.

Whole Kitchen

The busiest place at Camp – the Dining hall is where gather as a community for our meals. Everyone has a Table Family, which is a great way to make new friends and get to know people outside of cabins and activities. After lunch we each take turns lending a hand with clean up and gather again for Lunchtime Singing. During some Camp sessions, the Dining Hall will transform overnight into a magical fantasy world for Final Banquet!

Salt Mines

This is where we check in all Campers and Visitors! It’s also where you’ll find our Camp Director, Assistant Camp Director, and Executive Director when they’re not running around leading camp activities!


There are 12 Cabins at Eagle’s Nest separated by gender and age. Each cabin has large screens to let in the mountain breezes and the sounds of nature. Cabins have electricity, private showers and bathrooms, and changing stations. Cabins have 8 - 12 campers and 3 - 4 staff members.

Kindred Grove

A special place in the woods where the camp community gathers around a fire on Sunday evening to enjoy the outdoors, listen to words of wisdom, play games and be recognized for advancements in their activities.

Ironwood Shed

Eagle’s Nest holds a strong connection to the traditional Appalachian Crafts of our area. Campers can learn green woodworking and blacksmithing at the Ironwood Shed.

Riding Ring

Come step into the Riding Ring to see our camp horses trot, gallup, jump, and perform. Campers can hone their skills in the ring before riding the trails around campus and in nearby Dupont State Forest.

Fishing Pond

This dock is where campers cast their lines during Fishing Class. While waiting for their next "big catch" they can look for turtles and cattails along the pond's edge.

Swimming Lake

Whether you’re learning to swim for the first time, practicing your canoeing strokes, or having a cannonball competition off the diving board, the Lake is a great spot to cool off during the hot summer days. Don’t worry, there’s always a lifeguard on duty and no one swims without a buddy.

Athletic Field

From Tennis to Archery and Frisbee to Basketball, all kinds of classes happen at the Athletic Field! Our Junior Counselors will treat us to a “Cookout” in the field at least once a session!