Experiential education for young people, promoting the natural world and the betterment of human character.

We look forward to providing a fun and enriching experience for your children. We hope to give our participants an opportunity to live simply and grow in confidence, kindness, responsibility and joyfulness. Living simply can be challenging children and adults in these times of uncertainty and overstimulation that the world and technology have to offer. We believe it is important that we teach children how to live day by day in a nurturing community. We provide campers with a place to play and explore, support for building respectful relationships, and independence from their parents and friends from home so that they can make their own decisions and gain confidence in their choices and abilities. At Eagle’s Nest our campers are given the opportunity to interact with nature and learn about local flora and fauna. We also give them chance to step out of their comfort zones, into the “growth zones” so they can take on challenges with the support of their counselors and camp friends. Our campers are able to act freely among their peers, put down the disguises they may wear at home, discover themselves, and grow as compassionate people. These are our core values. At Eagle’s Nest, children grow and bloom.

Thank you for helping us to care for your children. Please use the information below and in the downloadable Parents’ and Guardians’ manual to help you as you prepare for your child’s experience at camp. Please also contact us if we can provide additional help with your preparations, and throughout the camp experience. We are forming a partnership with you, the parents and guardians; we are very excited and willing to do the work to make that partnership strong and positive.

2023 Parent/Guardian Manual


Checkout our Parent/Guardian Video Series to help you prepare for camp this summer: