This past month, western North Carolina has been bustling with blooming trees, warm days, blue skies (for the most part), and nature beckoning us to come and play. Eagle’s Nest Camp is surrounded by green spaces and we can’t wait to get out and explore with campers this summer. Ever wondered why people love being outside at summer camp? Here are 5 benefits:

  1. Being in nature simply makes you happier. According to a study (highlighted here on the New York Times), walking in green spaces has shown to immediately improve a person’s mood.
  2. Trying new things (I see you eyeing a Hante trip), challenging ourselves, and overcoming obstacles develops resiliency and self-confidence; giving campers a sense of pride and the tools to tackle some of life’s challenging moments during the year.
  3. Wilderness is FUN! Fun (n) : what provides amusement or enjoyment. Whether swimming in the lake, hiking to the top of the mountain, or canoeing down a rapid, we love to have FUN!
  4. Plugging into wilderness. In a distracting digital world, wilderness offers the perfect space for campers to slow down, connect with each other, and focus on the sights, sounds, and smells around them.
  5. Anyone can participate. Being outside is not limited to a certain person, anyone can go! At Eagle’s Nest Camp, we offer a variety of programs for campers of different skill and comfort levels.

Interested in getting outside? We still have one or two spaces on an Added Adventure and Hante Adventure trip this summer.

Added Adventures:  Sea Islands – Head to the Sea Islands; a chain of tidal and barrier islands off the coasts of South Carolina and Georgia for a week of camping and exploring coastal ecosystems!

Hante Adventures: AT Trek – On this Hante you will have the wonderful opportunity to travel simply through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains with a close community of friends and peers on a 100 mile section of the Appalachian Trail!