Some say it’s hot in the kitchen: At Eagle’s Nest it’s the hot place to be – filled with love, creativity and beloved cooks making yummy, nutritious meals for Eagle’s Nest Campers and staff.  This summer the Whole Kitchen staff, led by Starr – long time Eagle’s Nest Camper and Kitchen Staff member, has really stepped up their game. Starr is passionate about helping kids enjoy trying new things and pouring love into all of the food that she makes. This summer she and her crew have enjoyed preparing special meals for July 4th and for theme days like “International Day” (an English breakfast of beans, scones and fried eggs, curried butter chicken and a South African dessert for lunch, and meat pies for dinner). Continuing a tradition started last summer, on the day of the musical she also prepared meals related to Mary Poppins – high tea with cucumber sandwiches, fish and chips and even spoons filled with small sugar cubes!

Some of our favorite meals for the summer include Taco Tuesday, Spanakopita, pizza night (with dough made by cabins), and falafel. Today we enjoyed “make your own sushi” for lunch, complete with sticky rice, seaweed wrappers, tofu sticks, avocado, carrots, cream cheese, cucumber and grilled chicken.

Starr says “The first day of camp is one of my favorite days. It lays the expectation of how great the summer and the food is gonna be. We start with spaghetti because most everyone loves it. We start the spaghetti sauce with lots of veggies because they say ‘why is this sauce so good???’ We make fresh bread every day, and each cabin has a chance to make the bread for that night’s dinner. I love these kids. I feed them good food.”

You can check out pictures of some of the terrific meals we’ve had this summer by following our Flickr page.