We are so pleased that you will be joining us at Eagle’s Nest for the summer of 2021. Last year campus wasn’t quite the same without the laughter and smiles of children; we’re so excited that we’ll be able to welcome them back this summer.

As we look towards the summer of 2021 we are also looking forward to ways that camp can be more supportive of our campers. At Eagle’s Nest we have always strived to be a safe, supportive community that is welcoming of all children. Over the last several years we have been working on plans and polices to further support transgender, gender expansive and gender non-conforming staff and campers. We have done so with the guidance of healthcare professionals, the American Camp Association, the National Association of Independent Schools, and our peer institutions. During the summer of 2020 our Trustees approved our new Gender Inclusion policy that came out of this work. With this plan, campers, students and staff members will be housed in the cabin that matches their self-determined gender identity. We will work closely with families of transgender and gender expansive campers to create a plan that best supports them and their needs.

Over the years, transgender and gender expansive campers, students, participants, and staff have participated in programs at Eagle’s Nest Camp and The Outdoor Academy; however, this summer will be the first (to our knowledge) in which we will be housing students and staff in the cabins that match their gender identity. As an organization that supports the growth and wellbeing of children, we feel proud of the steps that we are taking to support ALL children.

If you have any questions or would like to talk more about how Eagle’s Nest supports children and creates safe spaces for them, please contact me.

With Thanks,

Paige Lester-Niles, Camp Director