Camp is filled with many valuable experiences – opportunities for children to connect with nature and friends, to build skills, endless mountain views, stars that shine unobstructed by street lights, and cool mountain breezes. Like many quality experiences available in life, camp isn’t inexpensive. After all, our tuition fees cover the cost of hiring exceptional educators and counselors, purchasing quality ingredients for our delicious whole foods kitchen, and providing campers with access to activities and programs that are different from ones that you might find at other summer camps. Eagle’s Nest Camp is also a non-profit foundation, so our tuition also supports scholarship for many of our campers. Last year we were able to award over $110,000 in camperships for our camper families. So even though camp isn’t cheap, we do try to make it affordable. If you are concerned about the cost of tuition for Eagle’s Nest, here are some things that you can do to help make a session at Eagle’s Nest a reality:




Eagle’s Nest offers discounts for registering early, sending siblings to camp, etc. A complete list of discounts is available on our website in the financial section. Register by September 10th and receive a 5% discount off tuition.


Recruitment Discounts:


Families can earn discounts for hosting camp and Hante presentation parties and for recruiting friends to attend camp. For more information about becoming a camp representative please contact Molly at We are recruiting Representatives for 2020 now and will begin scheduling parties soon. As an added benefit, Camp Representatives and their families are invited to attend a retreat weekend at Eagle’s Nest in October.




We know that it’s very difficult to make plans nearly a year in advance when you may be concerned about finances; however, we want to work with you to make it easier. When you apply for a campership, your discounted deposit of $150 is fully refundable if we are unable to award you the financial aid your child needs to attend camp. The deadline for the first round of financial aid is December 1st and the second round is February 25th. Apply now so you have plenty of time to complete the application.


Payment Plans:


In addition to offering financial aid, Eagle’s Nest can set up a payment plan for you allowing you to pay your tuition incrementally throughout the year. Spacing out payments has proven to be very helpful for many of our camp families. If you are interested in a payment plan, you can contact Molly at to find out more or set it up online when you register for camp.



We hope that we’ll be able to help make Eagle’s Nest as reality for your family this year!