One of my favorite times at camp (and there are many) is Sunday morning. Of course, it’s nice to be able to sleep in – until 8:15 – but it’s even nicer to start the day with a pancake breakfast prepared by the Junior Counselors (who didn’t sleep in until 8:15). I love walking around the corner of the Quad to find that the Dining Hall tables have been moved outside for an al fresco meal, and smiling with the JC’s as they loudly laugh their way through the breakfast blessing song. I think what makes the pancakes so yummy is the joy the JC’s radiate when making them. Despite their early wake up, the JC’s are filled with energy as they flip pancakes, lead the morning breakfast blessing song, and refill platter after platter with regular, chocolate chip, banana, strawberry, vegan and gluten free pancakes. The JC’s make breakfast special.

But the JC’s special touch extends beyond pancakes. It fills all of our activities, cabin life, and the community at Eagle’s Nest. JC’s are special people who are steeped in the culture of Eagle’s Nest and are eager to re-create the magical experiences they had as campers. They understand the value of hard work and they wash more dishes and pots during a session than most campers and counselors. They enjoy giving back to the community by hosting the Saturday night cookout. They appreciate opportunities to connect with and support the campers in their classes and cabin. They empathize with campers who are homesick and help them feel more comfortable at camp. And they know how to make camp FUN and JOYFUL – through skits, games, themed lodges, and so much more. I’m grateful for the special role that Junior Counselors fill at camp; my days are brighter because of them.


In just a few weeks we will be reviewing applications for the 2020 Junior Counselors. Our 2020 JCs will spend 2 to 6-weeks in a leadership program at camp and will earn 35 volunteer hours per week that they are at Eagle’s Nest. They will also take part in a class in which they will learn leadership, mentoring and teaching skills. If you are interested in applying to be a Junior Counselor for the summer, please register before the October 15th deadline. Once you register you will receive additional questionnaires that you and your parents will also need to complete and return by October 15th. If you have any questions, please contact Molly at We hope to see many applications for the coming summer.

By Paige Lester-Niles, Camp Director