Eagle’s Nest is very excited to welcome Mims Montgomery as our new Assistant Camp Director. Mims brings a breadth of experience in summer camps and as a field instructor for Moondance Adventures – leading trips to Hawaii, Washington, Oregon and Wyoming. Most recently Mims worked as the Wilderness Tripping Director at Camp Wavus in Maine. Mims is a Registered Maine Guide and is also certified as an American Canoe Instructor. In addition to her passion for the outdoors, Mims is also very invested in teaching kindness and respect to children and staff. As our Assistant Camp Director Mims will be responsible for helping to create and oversee the wilderness classes in camp as well as all of the Added Adventure and Hante programs. Mims loves helping children connect with nature.

I recently asked Mims a little more about what excites her about working at Eagle’s Nest Camp and Hante Adventures:

What have you enjoyed so far about working at Eagle’s Nest?

  • Mims: Oh, there is so much! Everyone here is so friendly! I love driving in everyday and seeing the beautiful mountains all around Eagle’s Nest.

What are you excited about doing this summer?

  • Mims: I get excited about planning the logistics that will help get people out on trips into nature. I’m looking forward to getting kids and staff excited about being outside in this beautiful place.

What do you enjoy about being a leader in a busy summer camp?

  • Mims: It’s summer camp! What’s not to love? I truly enjoy the fast-paced, loud, and fun environment of a summer camp. I attended a summer camp growing up and being a part of paying it forward to campers brings me joy.

Do you have any secret talents that you will surprise us with this summer?

  • Mims: I used to be on a traveling jump rope team. I still have some moves. My big move was jumping rope while on a pogo stick.

Mims started work in late February and was able to have some training time with Marlin Sill before he sets off on a planned thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in April. She and her husband Tyler, their son Griffin and dog Luna are looking forward to their first summer at Eagle’s Nest. I know that you will all looking forward to meeting Mims (and hopefully seeing her jump roping skills) soon.

By Paige Lester-Niles