Did you know the Sun Lodge’s official name is the “JB Hannum Sun Lodge”? Who is JB Hannum?

This name was chosen to honor John Ballad (JB) Hannum, an educator and administrator at Eagle’s Nest Camp for many years.  JB was a lead teacher and administrator at P.K. Yonge School at the University of Florida in Gainesville, the school educating all the new and innovative programs of the times.  JB was renowned as an instructor of civics at the school and he was an experiential educator at heart.  

When Eagle’s Nest became an experiential education center in the 80’s and 90’s, JB was an active supporter of the work and people here.  He aided in the design of the Hante Adventures program as a “walkabout “ for teens in their rising maturity, and as a journey to a rite of passage. The Sun Lodge was built to house the Hante program as a separate entity from ENC because the Hante trips were outgrowing the ability to share space in the Whole Kitchen and other spaces with Camp running.  

JB never went on a Hante trip, but he helped in every way he could to get the group out and on its journey, hence the Foundation’s honor for him. Now the Sun Lodge houses and feeds students of The Outdoor Academy during the school year as well as the Hante program in the summer. 

 The JB Hannum Sun Lodge was built in 1979 (more information on the building and philosophy behind this structure in future updates…).The building was designed by Lowell Lotspeich as a passive solar building facing the sun.