It’s hard to believe that when we open Session 1 in early June, two years will have passed since we have had campers sleeping in our cabins, swimming in the lake and hiking our trails. We are so grateful to be able to rebuild our camp community this summer! I know that we’ve all miss it. 

We’re also really excited to welcome campers and staff into their “Kindred” this summer. Following a long tradition of having places of belonging at camp, this year our campers will each be a part of a “Kindred” – the Deer Mouse (who will up-hold the value of curiosity), the Bald Eagle (who will up-hold the value of Gratitude), the Buffalo (who will up-hold the value of Integrity) and the Black Bear (who will up-hold the value of Gratitude). 

To hear more about the Kindreds, please watch this short video. You can also read more details on this blog.