It’s hard to believe that another year in Pisgah Forest has come and gone. The Thanksgiving holiday is just around the corner, and I always feel a nostalgic sense of gratitude for everything I hold dear. I am also reminded of how the lessons of gratitude and giving thanks are the threads that holds us all together at 43 Hart Road.

This gratitude we feel and know runs deep within the Eagle’s Nest community, and I think it is a perfect reason to give back to ensure that future generations of campers and students are offered the experiences of being welcomed into such a grateful, compassionate, and joyful group of people.

Eagle’s Nest Foundation has been giving scholarships to young people for over 60 years and continues to raise funds through donations and grants each year for this purpose. This year, our fundraising goal is $273,000, which is only a small portion of the almost $500,000 in financial aid awarded for Camp and OA. That is why we need YOUR help.

Giving to ENF is easy! Express your gratitude for the community that is cultivated here, the time we spend in nature, simple living, and to become your best self. I know that I am thankful every day to be a part of the Eagle’s Nest and OA community: a place where I can be myself, laugh with good friends, and escape into the forest to sit among the trees and count my blessings.

We invite you to get involved by making a gift to show your support:

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An Ode to Gratitude

Written in honor of Mariella Waite Huber and Joseph Huber

For the dedication of the Mariella Davidson Huber Cabin*, November 2, 2008


These walls speak to me of gratitude…


For the Sun and the Earth

And the life of a tree


For the years of service

And the cycle of love

For the gift of a dwelling

And the spirit of a child

These walls speak to me of gratitude…

*Mariella is Mo Waite’s sister, who donated her cabin to camp. This is the cabin is located on Settlement Road and was transported from its original location and re-built piece by piece on site.

 By Cara Varney