Since her first summer at Eagle’s Nest Camp (in 1972) all the way to this summer, Edee Waite Robinson is a regular face around camp! Edee and her sisters (Nina and MM) have been travelling to 43 Hart Road since they were kids. In fact, Nina and MM were on the very first Hante Adventure! When she is not at camp, Edee spends time running her own business “Viva Gourmet,” an online shop specializing in gourmet culinary delights. Edee lives in Central Florida with her husband and two kittens, Butch and Spike.

What is your favorite thing about Camp?

The smell of the forest; it’s kind of wet but also fresh and cool. Something about it makes me feel tranquil, at peace.

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

Being disconnected and hearing children’s laughter. This summer during Session 1 you can find me at the lake teaching swimming, in the kitchen cooking (where I am looking forward to making pasta from scratch and tortillas!), or hanging out at the fishing pond digging for worms, because that’s what you need to do in order to catch fish!

What is your favorite memory of being a camper?

Wow, I have a lot of material to choose from here! I think Tribal Village was always one of my favorite times in camp. I like the ceremony and everyone joining together.

**Edee is a Winnesquam and ranks at Eagle. It took her many years to earn this advancement and when she finally did it was on Huck Finn Added Adventure when she was leading the trip as a counselor.

What were your favorite classes as a camper?

I loved swimming class, and still do! You can/could always find me in the water. I also loved Bread Making, and as far as I know, one summer the baker made up advancements for me so I could help make bread for everyone in camp.

What are your passions and hobbies today?

I love to cook and entertain. Most recently, I hosted a Cuban inspired dinner for friends in our backyard! I live on a lake so am often on the water, whether it is SUP boarding, kayaking or cruising in the boat. We also have a wonderful garden, although in Florida the summers are almost too hot to really grow much, so I garden in the spring and fall growing herbs and vegetables. I am certain my experiences at Eagle’s Nest Camp contributed to my passions in life and influence the classes I teach at camp in the summer. I am also still very passionate about Eagle’s Nest and serve on the Board of Trustees. This is a role I have enjoyed immensely over the years and find that my time as a camper and staff member give me a unique perspective as a Trustee.

By Cara Varney