Hantes are in full swing! As of yesterday, Hante Boundary Waters had paddled 16 miles through 12 different lakes and rivers, 6 of those lakes, just yesterday! Following along with them on the map is incredible with so many different lakes, small and large, that are connected via a small river or portage trail. They are one lucky crew. Here is a link to their put in location on Little Indian Sioux River, you can follow along on the map their first couple of days!

·         6/25: Put in at Little Indian Sioux. Follow river north. Camp on Loon Lake

·         6/26: Loon Lake à Little Loon Lake à Slim Lake à unnamed Lakes à camp on Steep Lake

AT Trek had their second full day on the trail yesterday and will hike 11 miles southbound on the Appalachian trail over the 2 days. They left camp with full packs and wide smiles. I know they’re looking forward to lightening their load over the next few days as they eat through some of their delicious meals! AT Trek began at Carvers Gap and last night they camped at the Clyde Smith Shelter. Here is a link to an interactive map of the AT at the Clyde smith shelter so you can see their first couple of days!
We look forward to hearing from the groups, but until we do, I remember the adage, “No news is good news.”  Feel free to send me an email (hante@enf.org) if you have any questions or would like to check in on the trips.
Mims Montgomery