Summer is approaching and that means Hante Adventures are just around the corner! You have received some paperwork from the amazing Molly, and in that paperwork you can find a packing list. Eagle’s Nest has worked hard over the years to develop a list that includes all of the essentials that you will need on your trip, so be sure to pack everything on it. If you need some help finding a particular item or would like some advice on different brands out there, don’t hesitate to reach out to I am happy to answer questions and offer advice!

Favorite Gear Spotlights (**Offered in the camp store):

  1. **Crazy Creek Chair: This is a must have around a campfire.
  2. Cats Meow sleeping bag: Along with having a cat-tastic name, this sleeping bag has a synthetic fill that is designed to keep you warm if it gets wet.
  3. **Nalgene Water Bottle: Water and sunscreen… and more water. Nalgenes are a classic wilderness staple. You’ll want two 1-liter water bottles.
  4. Headlamp:  When the day is done and the sun has set… and nature calls in the middle of the night, you’ll want this headlamp to guide you.

Where to find the deals? Gear costs can add up quick. Luckily there are a few places out there to find a good deal.

  1. Friends and family!
  2. A used gear shop. You may have to do some research, but most towns have a used outdoor gear shop with great deals.
  3. Steep and Cheap
  4. REI Outlet
  5. Sierra Trading Post

Along with your gear, you’ll want to start mentally and physically preparing yourself. There will be some rigorous, yet delightfully fun, days. Here are a few things to help you prepare:

  1. Break in your boots! With the exception of Hante Boundary Waters, all of our Hantes will be doing a good bit of walking in hiking boots. It’s great to go ahead and break in those boots to avoid blisters.
  2. Do a little research. Head to the Hante Adventures webpage and look at an itinerary of your trip. Check out the places you’re going and the activities you’ll be doing to help mentally prepare yourself.
  3. Get yer ya-ya’s out. This is a double-whammy task. Feeling a little nervous? There’s nothing better than getting outside and playing to make yourself feel better. Going for a hike, playing a game of stick ball, petting/walking your dog, and running and screaming are all acceptable activities. They will help with your nerves and give you a little exercise to physically prepare for your trip.
  4. Move. Similar to #3. Be sure to get some good exercise in before your trip. This will help with some of those hiking days!

See Y’all Soon!

By Mims Montgomery