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OCT. 17, 2019

Hante, A History!

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Hante Adventures was started in 1973. With Helen Waite at the helm, students spent 10 days hiking 100 miles on the Appalachian Trail in North Carolina. It was and still is a classic trip; living simply with everything you need on your back while building a tight-knit community. That first Hante’s success speaks volumes, as we still operate the same trip today, known as Appalachian Trail Trek. In 2020, were hopping on the Appalachian Trail in Virginia where it’s said that wild horses roam.

Since that first Hante, we have made some impressive leaps to many corners of the world. These are our stats:

We have adventured across:

  1. 5 Continents – Hante Antarctica, anyone?
  2. 15 Countries
  3. 20 States

Additional Stats:

  1. 45 years!
  2. All the feelings.
  3. Countless smiles.
  4. Many moments spent in the present.
  5. Limitless bags of G.O.R.P.
  6. Thousands of photos.
  7. One life-shaping experience.

Interested in a 2020 Hante? Email Mims, Hante@enf.org, with any questions. We can’t wait to adventure with you!