What are you? (Aside from an awesome spelling bee word!)

I’m defined as a mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together. At the Eagle’s Nest Foundation, I am seen year-round in all of our programs. A program where I can be most noticeable is our Hante program. ENF brings 10-12 people together for a short period of time, they are challenged mentally and physically, those people live and work together, and let’s be real, they laugh and sometimes cry together too. That’s where I come in…

And why are you awesome?

I, Camaraderie, am the source of all of the fluffy and happy feelings from our adventures! I turn hiking in the rain, into dancing in the rain. Basic, every day, Hante activities and tasks are magical adventures when I exist. When people are pushed, I pull them back together and I LOVE it.


How are you formed?

That is kind of like trying to answer, “How do cloud shapes formed”? There’s no one way to form me, camaraderie, on a Hante Adventure. Each and every person brings a bit of magic with them on the trip, and depending on which way the wind is blowing that day, and how dry your socks are, I am formed!


Is what you, camaraderie, provide similar to the room of requirement (see: Local Library)? 

In short, YES. I look different depending on the people present and the task at hand.

Please contact Mims Montgomery (hante@enf.org) to submit your own exclusive interview questions with our guest celebrity, Camaraderie!